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A limescale free home

Limescale free home

If you live in a hard water area, you may have noticed a white residue around your taps and shower heads that is extremely hard to get rid of.  This is limescale.  With continued limescale build up around these areas, the efficiency of your appliances depreciates over time.  There are products on the market specifically for the reduction of limescale but these include harsh cleaning chemicals.

With softened water, the problem of limescale is alleviated.  The TwinTec Cobalt gets to work dissolving limescale build up as soon as it is installed. No more clogged up shower heads, limescale around the sink or scum in the bath. No more water marks on worktops and other surfaces including shower screens.  Dishes and glasses will rinse clean and sparkle more than before. Using softened water makes the perfect cup of tea, no need to fish the scum floating around the top out.

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1. It’s difficult to remove white marks from the shower screen/taps

2. I use a product to remove limescale

3. One of our family suffers from dry skin or eczema

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Hard Water Test

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You may not need a water softener but if you wish to improve the quality of your drinking water you may wish to consider a water filter.

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