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Hard vs soft water

The water which enters our homes is different depending on where you are in the country, and the time of year.

You may have noticed a difference when you travel from hard water areas to soft water areas. The soft water will feel softer to the touch, can leave your hair in better condition, or you may find your skin benefits from a reduction in dryness or outbreaks.

This difference is down to the existence (or not) of minerals in the water.  Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, which are picked up as the water filters through rocks and across the ground before entering our water system.  Soft water, on the other hand, does not contain these minerals.

There are many documented and anecdotal benefits to softening your water, including benefits to the home, health and cost savings.

If you’d like to find out what kind of water your home has, and for a demonstration of what a water softener can do for you, get in touch today or use our ‘quick quote’ form below.

hard water vs soft water

What is hard water?

Hard water is a natural occurrence when water passes through rocks and across the ground before entering our water supply.

As it moves, water picks up mineral deposits including calcium and magnesium. These minerals, whilst natural, have a number of negative effects for your home, health and family, so leaving them in the water is usually undesirable.

The only exception to this is drinking water. Some people simply prefer the taste of hard water – which is why all of our water softeners come with a soft water bypass tap as standard.

Hard and soft water areas

The hardness of your water is dependent in a large part on the area of the country in which you live.

There are very few areas of the country with truly soft water and this is because all water from rainfall picks up mineral deposits as it moves through the land. Water hardness is measured in parts per million (PPM).

Our expert advisors can test the water hardness in your area. To find out how hard your water is and how a water softener can benefit you, book your free demonstration with us using the form on this page.

Matt Ager

By Matt Ager

Joint owner of the business with his brother Ben, Matt looks after the sales and marketing side of things. Working for the family business for the last 30 years since the age of 16, Matt has a wealth of knowledge he can draw on. With his passion for the industry, he can share the benefits of softened water with clients old and new.

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