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Are you looking to remove limescale in your home?

Softened water will save you money and is kinder to your skin.

Saving money on your bills

If you dont have a water softener then you will have limescale present in your hot water system, either in your hot water tank or combi boiler.  Where there is limescale the hot water has to heat the limescale before it heats the water, effectively blocking the exchange of heat from one to another.

You will have between 2-5mm of limescale, costing you between 13%-25% on your heating bills. When you have a limescale free heat exchanger, it is allowed to heat the water directly, using less energy.  Softened water will remove all the exsisitng limescale from your home.

Having a water softener will remove the limescale, getting your water hotter, quicker and staying hotter for longer, saving you hard cash.

Kinder to your skin

For years Softflow Water Softeners have been installing water softeners for our customers that have been suffering with skin conditions.  We know softened water makes an incredible difference.

Scientists have now proven the link between hard water and Eczema.  This is how Softflow got into the water softening industry.  A member of our family had a really bad skin condition so they purchased a water softener over 40 years ago and it made a massive difference to their skin.

If you are suffering from skin problems such as Eczema then having a water softener installed makes an incredible difference.

Other benefits of having a water softener:

Less time spent cleaning


Longer lasting appliances


Shinier hair


No more clogged up shower heads


Shampoo lasts longer


More bubbles in the bath


and most of all NO MORE LIMESCALE

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You may benefit from a water softener

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You may not need a water softener but if you wish to improve the quality of your drinking water you may wish to consider a water filter.

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