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Softflow Softeners is one of the topmost official stockists of some of the leading, high-quality water softeners in Chelmsford.

The city is surrounded by many small villages that are located within the City of Chelmsford: Galleywood, Bicknacre, East, West and South Hanningfield, Boreham, Ford End, Pleshey, Highwood, Good Easter (its neighbour High Easter is in the Uttlesford district), Chignal St James, Chignal Smealy, Howe Green, Roxwell, Great Leighs, Little Leighs, Great Waltham, Little Waltham, Little Baddow, Danbury, Sandon, Rettendon, Runwell, Margaretting, Stock and Writtle.

Calcium and magnesium get absorbed by the water as it flows to the surface through underground rocks, and this then turns into limescale when it is heated in your home. This imposes the need to install proper and standardised water softeners in both residential as well as commercial establishments.

Whether it is schools, colleges, hospitals, stations, houses or shops, we have provided soft water to the residents of Chelmsford and the nearby localities. Our services do not come with any hidden costs, and you can enjoy the comfort of placing your order online or through phone, thereby making us one of the best water softener installers present in Chelmsford.

Choosing an appropriate system as per your needs might turn out to be a daunting task. Though our terminology and easily understandable product information may help significantly, some of our customers might still require some professional help. Our expert water engineers provide complete advice regarding all your water softening queries, apart from supplying, installing and servicing the water softening systems.

So, what are you waiting for? Call on our 24×7 local numbers or go online to get quotes, a free survey, and get the item that perfectly fits into your plumbing system. Even if you aren’t sure about a particular softener, our live demonstration service might do the trick in making things much clearer.

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Hard Water Test

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