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Twintec Water Softener Essex

The TwinTec S4 Water Softener is produced by Harvey Water Softeners, the UK’s leading manufacturer of water softeners. Developed over nearly 40 years, it is second to none in terms of reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

By investing in a TwinTec S4 Water Softener, you are protecting your home’s other important investments such as your boiler, washing machine, kettle and appliances. The soft water provided by TwinTec is much kinder to your homes pipes, helping to lower your heating costs by enabling more efficient heating.

TwinTec Water Softener features:

How a TwinTec S4 Water Softener compares

Physical Conditioners Conventional Water Softeners The TwinTec S4 Water Softener
Small devices that attach to pipes and use magnetism to stop limescale building up. Single tank softeners with electric timers. Most use tablet or granular salt. The twin tank, duplex parallel, block salt softener.
Complete limescale removal No Yes Yes
Effective 24/7 Yes No Yes
Soft water benefits No Yes Yes
Convenient to refill No Yes
Safe to drink Yes Yes Yes

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