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TwinTec Water Softener Reviews

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Review Centre – TwinTec Water Softener

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We had a complicated installation and this was achieved professionally at no extra cost. The improvement to the water feel and effect on the home is excellent as expected.

Southend, August 2020

Great service before,during and after installation

This company does not abandon you once you pay them! Matt was fantastic in suggesting how we can squeeze the unit into our tight space under sink. Karen is incredibly responsive and deals with queries efficiently. The soft water has left our metals all shiny and sparkling with no more limescale. No problems with the unit since installation 2 months ago. Cannot recommend this company and soft water units enough.

Chelmsford, July 2020

Excellent job!

Excellent job, arrived on time, did the work expertly, cleaned everything up, tested the installation and I confirmed all ok. I’d recommend this firm and the resultant water supply is already showing benefits.

Brentwood, September 2020

Best thing we have done for our house

The clue is in the title review, The hidden line scale build-up that occurs in hard water areas is a damaging thing in our homes. I have ignored this for years, but it was not until we recently purchased a new glass see through kettle that we saw first hand the speed and the volume of lime scale build up. We have had the TwinTec S3 installed for just over two weeks now and it is fantastic, our water is soft, extremely clear and the showers are free from lime all over the glass surfaces. If you have hard lime heavy water do waste any more time, get one.

Love my softened water

I hated my hard water and it ruined my hair, new shower, and scaled up everything. Decided to make enquires after a staying friend commented on my awful water. I’m so glad I went ahead with it as now my chrome taps etc are sparkling, my shower doors no longer have milky blotches every where. Hair feels soft and shiny. No regrets and happy with how the plumbing is actually tidier than it was before under my sink. Softener slotted in well. No regrets. Would recommend to anyone with horrible hard water.

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