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We are always asked about other water softeners here’s the latest comparison’s

L1803 (05.22) TwinTec Cobalt v Kinetico Premier

Here at Softflow Water Softeners we are always being asked which water softener is the best value for money.  With the table above this shows the major differences between them.

The table allows you to compare some of the water softeners available on the market place today, thus giving you the opportunity to see the major nuance between the types of block salt water softeners.

We are proud of selling the Twintec Cobalt, having such a superb product allows us to give the very best customer services and as a family business we are very proud of what we do for our customers.

If your are looking for a water softener in the Essex/Hertfordshire area contact us so that we can show you how a water softener can change your water for the better.

It might even change your life!


Matt Ager

By Matt Ager

Joint owner of the business with his brother Ben, Matt looks after the sales and marketing side of things. Working for the family business for the last 30 years since the age of 16, Matt has a wealth of knowledge he can draw on. With his passion for the industry, he can share the benefits of softened water with clients old and new.

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Hard Water Test

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