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Working in your homes, within the guidelines set by the government.

Softflow working in your home

We want our engineers and installers to be able to work in your home and keep you and them safe.

To do this we would like you and our engineers to do some basic things.

When the engineer comes to your home, they will have used gel sanitizer before getting out of their van.

After you open the door, we will do our best to keep to social distancing guidelines of 2m and we ask everyone in your home to do the same. If possible, please stay in a separate room to the engineer.

The engineers will wear a mask if you want them to. If we cannot keep a 2m distance, the engineer will put on a mask following our risk assessment.

The engineers will wash their hands at regular intervals using paper towels to dry. They will wash their hands before they leave and take all waste, including paper towels with them.

We have done a full risk assessment that our engineers have read and will adhere to.

Matt Ager

By Matt Ager

Joint owner of the business with his brother Ben, Matt looks after the sales and marketing side of things. Working for the family business for the last 30 years since the age of 16, Matt has a wealth of knowledge he can draw on. With his passion for the industry, he can share the benefits of softened water with clients old and new.

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Hard Water Test

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1. It’s difficult to remove white marks from the shower screen/taps

2. I use a product to remove limescale

3. One of our family suffers from dry skin or eczema

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Hard Water Test

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