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Why TwinTec Water Softeners

Softflow Water Softeners specialises in the TwinTec S4 as it is quite simply the most effective water softener. The obvious difference between the TwinTec and other water softeners is its two cylinders. Unlike other water softeners with one resin cylinder, the TwinTec S4 will give you soft water 24/7. With no programming or maintenance the only thing you have to do is add salt from time to time. The Twintec S4 is simple, efficient and luxurious.

The TwinTec S4 is made in Britain by the largest manufacturer of water softeners in the UK. Due to reliability, a 10 year parts and 2 year labour warranty comes with the water softener as standard.

Twin Cylinder

Guaranteed softened water 24 hours a day whenever you turn on a tap.

Advanced Technology

The Twintec S4 and the XL uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques and highest quality materials, making it the number one selling water softener in the UK.

Non Electric

No timers clocks or dials or complicated programming for you to worry about.

Block Salt

Easy to handle and store 4kg blocks, no more heavy lifting of big 25kg bags.

Accurate Metering

The displacement meter means accurate regenerations, low salt costs and efficient water usage, it measures every drop of water you use.

Suitable for all plumbing systems

Maximum flow rate of 65 litres per minute (with minimal pressure loss) ensures power showers and megaflow are no problem.

No costly servicing required

No annual servicing and a 10 year parts guarantee provides peace of mind for a very long time!

Simple to use

Block salt is very easy to handle and a crystal-clear lid ensures you know when it’s time to refill.

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