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Installation of a Water Softener

On the day of installation the plumber will introduce himself and tell the customer the names of all personnel who will be working on the installation.

Braintree Water Softener

In normal circumstances the work on site will start at 9.00am (unless another time is approved) and usually take between 2 to 6 hours. These time parameters are for guidance only and it may be appropriate at times to work outside these hours. In such cases the plumbers will endeavour to explain the situation in advance.

The progress of the work will depend on a variety of factors and there may be times during the course of the installation period when the work may have to be revisited at a future day and time. In such cases the company will endeavour to advise the customer as soon as this can be arranged.

The installers will need access to a supply of electricity (13 amp socket outlet) for the use of power tools and access to the mains water stop valve throughout the course of the installation. The mains water will be turned off for a period of time.

They will cover floors and working access points with dust sheets. During the movement of white goods e.g. washing machines etc. the utmost care will be taken not to damage both the equipment and/or area adjacent.

When the work is completed the installer will clear away all site debris (cardboard, plastics & copper etc.) and will demonstrate to the customer the method for use; salt, bypass, valves etc.

Any previous work carried out by others will not be covered by the company or the installer.
(This being pipework, drainage or electrical.)

If payment is being made by cash or cheque, this should be given to the installer upon completion of the installation. If any finance arrangement or agreement has been made, all forms must also be completely signed on installation day. Therefore no retention is permitted unless a written agreement of our contract is stated. The full balance will be due at this point.

Any queries that might arise during the course of the installation will be dealt with by the installer on site or by the company’s office who can be contacted on: 01245 222203 or by email:

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