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A considerable portion of Braintree’s water supply is sourced from the calcium-rich and magnesium-rich aquifers of the Essex region, which means that Braintree’s water is generally classified as hard water. Although hard water by itself doesn’t pose any health risk, it usually creates a number of annoying problems to a household. Two common problems brought about by hard water are the formation of soap scums around the taps and the build-up of limescale in the water pipelines. Limescale build-up in the water lines results in heating inefficiency, and eventually, water pipeline blockage. These two common problems are the primary reasons why using water softeners is highly recommended in Braintree.

With softened water flowing in the water lines, the formation of those ugly-looking soap scums and limescale stains around the taps are eliminated. In addition to that, using soft water around the household reduces soap or detergent use by as much as 50 percent and also increases heating efficiency by preventing any build-up of limescale within the water lines, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Looking for high-quality water softeners in Braintree, as well as skilled water softener installers?  Here at Softflow Softeners, we have a line of reliable, state-of-the-art water softener kits designed to work flawlessly with British-standard plumbing systems.

Over the years, our highly-skilled and experienced team have installed a large number of residential and commercial water softeners not only in Braintree but also in other nearby areas. Currently, we are expanding our area of coverage to include the major areas in the Essex region.

If you need more information about Softflow Softeners or need a quote for a water softener package, don’t hesitate to give us a call and book a free, no-obligation survey of your water supply lines and see for yourself the Softflow Softeners difference.

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