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Great Dunmow

With a population of just over 8,400 inhabitants, the town of Great Dunmow is certainly considered one of the most desirable places to live in the United Kingdom. While Great Dunmow may be thought of as one of the more quaint locations in Essex, its population is on the rise. It is for this reason that the need for water softeners in Great Dunmow is more pronounced than in the past.

The phenomenon known as hard water is caused by naturally occurring chemicals such as calcium and magnesium that are present in the groundwater throughout the region. These substances can leave household water with a distinctive and sometimes unpleasant taste. Similarly, hard water can form deposits on tiles and other areas such as bathroom sinks and showers. This condition is both unpleasant and unsightly.

Anglia Water Services have taken this condition into consideration and have scheduled several upgrades to their existing water treatment plant beginning in 2014. However, this process is still a long ways off and different parts of the town will experience this improvement at different times thereafter. Therefore, many inhabitants have already taken advantage of the professional water softener installers Dunmow has to offer.

The benefits of soft water go far beyond the simple quality of taste. Soft water is better for washing dishes and clothes while those with dry skin can benefit from this type of water. If we also consider that Great Dunmow can experience some remarkably harsh winters, soft water treatments are also advantageous, as they will prevent the buildup of scaling within pipes. The overall result will be a more efficient home heating system and the ability to save a great deal of money on fuel costs. These are but a few of the benefits that water softeners in Great Dunmow can offer the homeowner.

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